Play-the-Bridge streams for 56 nights

Play-the-Bridge streams for 56 nights


Snapshot of Success
  • 200K+ viewers
  • 56 nights of live streaming
  • Zero latency in A/V integration
  • Optimised delivery for mobile devices


To celebrate Auckland’s 175th Birthday, the NZ telco 2 Degrees had a bold idea:

To turn the Auckland Harbour Bridge in to a nightly interactive light show, and time the colours and rhythms with live music selected by the public using their phones.

To top it off, they also wanted to share the experience around the world through a live stream. And that’s where SlipStream Media came in.


Our Challenge

We needed to deliver a nightly video stream to hundreds of thousands of people, who would predominately view the show on their mobiles.

And with an event this public, and so inextricably linked to the client’s core product, nothing could go wrong.

Our capture solution had to stand up to any weather conditions and, in particular, the audio integration needed to be perfect with flawless synching and clear network channels.

Using especially developed latency/delay software which could manipulate the music broadcast to time with the lighting show.


How we did it

First we scouted out the ideal location to capture the light show in its full glory, and  then installed a broadcast quality camera that was elevated and weather-protected.

Once set-up, we stress-tested every aspect from the live video capture, onsite encoding and the platform performance when delivering to a mobile-centric audience.

The stream was transcoded for mobile optimisation, with high quality output audio bitrate.

This all meant that when the lights came on every night, and the music started to play, anyone in the world could pick up their phone and join in – and they did.


The results

Over 8 weeks, more than 200,000 people viewed the vision with music streaming and shared in the celebrations. 

For Aucklanders living in other cities and countries, it was a once in a life-time opportunity to virtually ‘visit’ home and join in the party.





Three videos to choose from:


Project Info

Client: 2 Degrees and Special Group Agency

Categories: Corporate,Marketing,Entertainment,ROI

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