Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner landing takes-off

Air New Zealand’s Dreamliner landing takes-off


Snapshot of Success
  • 10 times estimated viewers
  • Live Feeds from Helicopter
  • X 3 live feed cameras


When the world’s first delivery of the new Boeing Dreamliner arrived in New Zealand, Air New Zealand wanted to share the moment with the world.

And they knew just who to call – SlipStream Media.

For over 5 years, SlipStream Media and Air New Zealand had worked together to live stream more than 25 events, but the arrival of the Dreamliner still stands out as a highlight for its global importance and complexity.


Our Challenge

We needed to live stream this  event in a way that would capture the excitement of the moment – but achieve all this within the locked-down environment of a busy international airport.  


How we did this?

Working in a commercial air space takes precise planning, so over 3 months we collaborated closely with Air New Zealand, Boeing, Auckland Airport and Civil Aviation.

During this time we consulted with Air New Zealand, airport authorities and developed a detailed pre-production plan that met all the  safety requirements, while maximising the visual opportunity.

With a three cameras on the tarmac and a live feed from a helicopter, we were able to capture the event from every breath-taking angle, encode it on the spot, and stream it around the world.


The Results

Air New Zealand expected the event to be viewed by less than 2000 people. Instead it reached 10 times that number - more than 20,000 – and created a buzz on Air New Zealand’s social media channels:

  • “This is the best aviation video ever” – Cavallier Bus
  • “Superb air to air filming” – Stuart Gunn


Other events live streamed for Air New Zealand
  • Internal announcements to employees across the globe
  • Quarterly financial announcements
  • Launch of new uniform, designed by Trelise Cooper
  • Mt Erebus commemorations

This last one was particularly memorable. It was an honour to provide a way for those who could not be there, to still share in commemorations and remember those who were lost.



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