Faith Groups and Personal Events

Faith Groups and Personal Events

Case Study – Jehovahs Witness multiple venue live stream
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Unite followers and supporters, grow congregations, eliminate distance to make the world a smaller place, celebrate the intimacy, or vastness, of your worship network.

Slipstream Media’s live or on demand online technology is a simple cost-effective way for faith groups to reach their supporters and followers. Many congregations are wide and thinly spread across the nation or even the globe. Many cannot make it regularly to a central venue for worship. A streaming platform is a powerful way to bring together followers of a faith to share and interact with each other through our Live platform, or to view in solace through On Demand.

We see four key ways the Slipstream platform can provide your faith’s message to your followers:

  1. Live faith event steaming – where followers view sermons, prayer, festivals and other faith events simultaneously.
  2. On Demand – where followers can view sermons and faith events on an ongoing basis, more than once, at the individual followers need – thereby hearing a message more completely and personally.
  3. 24/7 Faith Channels – provide ongoing content on your faith to followers and supporters at all times of the day. Programme list content how you wish, loop programmes, and change playlists when you want.
  4. Interactive features – perhaps the most exciting interaction of faith and technology, the ability for faith leaders and followers to interact in realtime from across the globe – sharing thoughts and ideals through live chat in relation to the live video.
Case Study – Jehovahs Witness multiple venue live stream


We also produce and broadcast your personal events to those across the globe who cannot be there - Weddings, Funerals, 21sts. Live streaming - the next best thing to being there! 


Slipstream has streamed across the globe many weddings and funerals. Usually it is for a simple reason - those friends and family who dearly would like to be at the event simply cannot. The next best thing is to view it live, from wherever one is in the world.