Conference & Seminar Events

Conference & Seminar Events

Slipstream has worked with many large and small conference venues across New Zealand providing production and online delivery solutions of all sizes and complexities. Working with event managers, audio-visual crew, and of course our client, we make any online broadcast of conferences and seminars seamless, easy, and help provide ROI.

Case Studies

Ministry of Science
Pacific Business Trust


Increase an event’s audience

Streaming an event online makes it available to delegates, members and public attendees who might not otherwise be able to attend.

  • Enable virtual delegates and increase exposure to your speakers and content
  • Link simultaneous events across remote locations and even different rooms at the venue
  • Provide a payment gateway for conferences generating further paying attendees and revenue


Slipstream can direct the video stream of your event to delegates and members beyond the venue through a website of your choice:

  • Company intranet site (management, employees, stakeholders)
  • Company internet site (customers, clients)
  • Social network site


We can also integrate content creating a seamless web stream. We add front-end and interactive features to enhance both the audience experience and the value of the event itself.

  • Multiple cameras
  • Presenter and event documents
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • File input sources including video, Skype calls
  • Social media posts


Increase an event’s revenue or value

We can provide a secure payment gateway to the Conference content providing  a significant value-adding potential:

  • Sell virtual delegate access to conferences and seminars
  • Provide company-wide bundled registration packages allowing multiple employee views for an organisation along with the actual attendee(s)
  • Provide VOD viewing for post-event viewing


Give online attendees the power to interact

With our unique interactive interface we can connect your speakers with your online attendees.

  • Q&A – attendees can submit questions in real time to speakers for response
  • Audience polls – can be taken in real time providing instant results


Remote speakers
  • We can integrate remote speakers from anywhere on the globe through video technology providing a visual and audio feed being projected to the venue attendees.
  • This is a seamless real time solution enhancing your speakers and content. 


Case study – NZAMI and skype feed