Welcome to Slipstream Media, the pre-eminent producer and distributor of live online video content and communications in New Zealand.

We are an online media broadcast company. Put simply, we produce and broadcast live and on-demand sports, entertainment or corporate events online; without drama, without pain, and in a managed customised environment. We provide an end-to-end solution, or specific parts of the solution, to our clients.

Since launching in 2002, providing an end-to-end live and on-demand video streaming service has been at the heart of our business. Unlike some other local providers, it is our core service.

We can take your video content to a select secure audience, or show it to the world.

Broadcast a rock gig, a lecture, or an AGM. A sports event, no matter how big or small; or a cultural festival. A shareholders meeting, a product launch, or a wedding. There are no longer any limits to where your unique content can be accessed from, or by whom. As a content holder you set the rules.

Increase Connectivity – Interact With Your Team – Interact with the World