Live Streaming Services

Live Streaming Services

Boost Your Content Marketing with Live Streaming Services

Live streaming services have made a significant impact on the world of content marketing. More businesses are leveraging this technology than ever before with dramatic results. Live streaming offers several unique benefits as a form of marketing and can help you reach your audience and grow your business. Slipstream Media can give you the best streaming service.

Benefits of Utilising Live Webcasting Services

If you aren't yet one of the many businesses using video streaming platforms to reach more people, then it's time to take a look at the many benefits of this type of content marketing.

  • Reach new audiences. One of the most potent benefits of livestreaming is that it can help your business reach new audiences - particularly important if you are targeting millennials and younger. Today's younger generations have completely embraced streaming, and you can help your brand stand out by tapping into this media. Video isn't going away any time soon, so get started now to get ahead of the curve.
  • Build trust with your viewers. Webcast streaming can help you build trust with your audience. With live video, there is a certain level of vulnerability that will help you form authentic relationships with your viewers. They will see you unedited and real and may even feel as though they are interacting with you face-to-face. The lack of a heavily edited script will help the real you shine through, something your audience will appreciate.
  • It's more engaging and shareable. Many viewers find livestreaming to be a much more engaging form of content marketing. Video has the power to hold your audience's attention longer than other types of content. After all, it's live TV, and anything could happen. You may even find that viewers who aren't keen on watching scripted videos nonetheless enjoy the spontaneity of live broadcasts.

Tips to Make the Most of Our Fully Managed Live Streaming Services

Nobody said successful livestreaming was easy - but it doesn't have to be hard, either. The main challenge is the "live" factor - no stopping or redoing; once you're on, you're on. You can make the most of your live video with these tips.

  • Do it a lot. As with anything else, live broadcasting gets easier with practice. The more you broadcast on each video stream platform, the better at it you'll get, and the less stressful it will become. Consistency matters in the world of content marketing; if people like your videos, they'll want more. And the more you make, the better they'll be - a win-win cycle.
  • Rehearse first. "live" doesn't mean “unrehearsed.” If you are working with other people, make sure that they're informed about what they need to do, such as setting up, checking equipment, rundown, and so on. You can also rehearse the "script", assuming you'll be following at least a loose one. With everyone on the same page, your broadcast is likely to go much smoother.
  • Don't forget to promote. Any content needs to be promoted, or it's a waste of time. Make sure that people know about your upcoming video by pushing it a week or two before your broadcast. Work with Slipstream, where we can help with this and every other part of your event, providing a fully managed live stream experience.

About Slipstream

Slipstream has been operating since 2010 as a livestreaming company and now has more experience than any other provider in Australasia. We deliver high-quality video to global audiences on all devices for the ultimate in content marketing for your brand. We offer a full production end-to-end service complete with fully interactive options and payment gateways. Contact Slipstream today to learn more.