Live and on-demand video streaming

Live and on-demand video streaming

Slipstream deliver a premium online streaming video service. No other company in Australasia can match our longevity and breadth of experience across all types of content and sectors – we simply know what’s needed at every step to make your broadcast a success.  

Before, during and after your event, our expert team is with you at every step to ensure streaming and delivery success, from anywhere in Australasia. We have delivered pain-free webcasting of hundreds of live events of all sizes.

Successful live video streaming production requires experienced streaming technicians, best-in-class streaming video platforms and equipment, and robust global content delivery networks.

We provide best-in-class:

  • streaming video platforms,
  • global data networks,
  • interactive interfaces,
  • on-site production services
  • social media integration and promotion

Our expert team will provide end-to-end turnkey production and video streaming services or we will work with your own event team where needed.

Rely on Slipstream for end-to-end production and webcast solution, or engage with us as needed to work with your own event team. Either way, we will work with you to achieve the success your content deserves.


New to Live Streaming?  

Live streaming, is where content is delivered live over the Internet to an online audience, much like TV. It requires the following elements, all to be successfully completed:

  • a form of captured source media, for example one or more broadcast video cameras.
  • an encoder to digitize the captured content. This is usually an encoding server at the site of the event
  • a publishing point, or the place on the internet you want your audience to go to view the content, and
  • a video platform provider hosting a streaming server network. Slipstream has several partner providers.
  • a content delivery (data) network to distribute and deliver the content. Slipstream uses the global network Akamai.

Slipstream provides any or all of these functions to deliver that content depending on your requirements.


Whatever your goal may be, streaming can help you reach it. We’ve seen live video successfully used for:

  • Business training
  • Open-access government
  • Corporate AGM and shareholder meetings
  • All Hands meetings 
  • News media & current affairs
  • Sporting events
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Live music
  • Religious services
  • Civic and cultural events and holidays
  • Plays and theatre

Live online video is a new technology that’s being adapted to fit a multitude of different situations. In each application we help customise the technology and delivery for your unique situation. However, the basics are really quite simple - professional quality production, robust network, and front end delivery to the intended audience.