Event Live Streaming Services

Event Live Streaming Services

Quality End-to-End Event Live Streaming Services

You can broadcast your message today with our event live streaming services. We offer an end-to-end and managed solution for a wide range of clients, including corporate, civic, cultural and more. We have more than 20 years of experience and can tailor our service to your requirements. Regardless of the size or nature of your event, whether you need church live streaming solutions or want to engage with your clients around the world through a two-way system, our team can help you effortlessly capture, encode and deliver your announcement.

Benefits of Event Streaming Services

When you share your message with a live broadcast, consider the benefits of enlisting the help of a professional streaming service.

  • High-quality streams: It can be difficult to achieve high-quality streaming when you use your own servers, and you risk overloading your system. Our company has a strong infrastructure and an excellent content delivery network to ensure that you can deliver your announcement through a high-quality video. We ensure that your stream is consistent and flawless without any technical glitches.
  • Technical support: You can remove the pressure of troubleshooting your technical problems and concentrate on your content with the help of a knowledgeable streaming service. This service is ideal for organisations with little streaming experience, as a reliable company will provide you with ongoing support. You can rest assured knowing that your live video is compatible with smartphones and smart devices which is commonly how viewers access the content.
  • Analytics tracking: A streaming service can provide you with information about your live video so you can evaluate your return on investment. Tracking tools and analytic dashboards can let you know your viewer numbers, engagement and behaviours which you can use to refine your content and strategy for future events.

What You Can Expect from Slipstream Media's Live Event Video

We provide a professional and high-quality online streaming service.

  • Tailored service: Our premium online streaming service is tailored to your organisation's requirements. We have extensive experience working on a range of live events of various sizes from sports tournaments, motorsports, corporate videos, cultural performances and more. We know what you need at every phase and ensure you have excellent customer support before, during and after your event. You can confidently reach your audience with an end-to-end streaming solution, or we can integrate our services into your existing structure.
  • Reach your audience everywhere: We use an HTML5 platform delivery to embed your live stream in your website, app or social media channels. Your viewers can easily access your content from their smartphone or device. We can also help you create revenue from your live event by adding a payment option such as a subscription or adding an on-demand feature.
  • Interact with people in real-time: Getting to know your audience and interacting with them while streaming can be a benefit to your organisation. We can help you achieve this with two-way AV streaming, live chat and real-time polls.

Why Trust Slipstream Media for Live Streaming Events?

We know what it takes to ensure your live event webcasting is done right. Whether you are sharing a message within your organisation or to an audience worldwide, we help you deliver a seamless and engaging announcement. With decades of experience and pioneering the way for quality online streaming in New Zealand and Australia, we can develop and tailor an end-to-end solution or integrate seamlessly with your current structure. Our team can further enhance your digital experience with live chats, polls, e-commerce and more. Contact our skilled and experienced team today to discuss the ideal streaming service for your organisation.