Education and Training Live Streaming

Education and Training Live Streaming

Deliver Your Message Online by Way of Education Live-Streaming

Look no further than Slipstream Media for your high-quality education live-streaming needs. Education live-streaming helps educational and training institutes to deliver real-time content to audiences. You have no reason not to have us take care of streaming your next event, whatever the size.

Benefits of Using a Training Webcast

As the future of learning changes, trainers use video-streaming platforms for more efficient training. People have access to information from anywhere and can master skills online from a variety of learning fields. Today, you can find an eLearning live-stream service for anything.

  • We can customise our training webcast for different situations and adapt the technology to suit your requirements perfectly. Have your training meetings, interviews and group discussions, online.
  • Students learn more when they visualise. Training videos, for example, is conducive to learning by association. To make a session even more interesting, a facilitator can stream part of a session from a factory, for example.
  • Learning is not limited to a classroom or a training room. Standard lectures can be quite uneventful and mundane, while a training webcast allows interaction between the trainer and the learner, via for example, live chats and question-and-answer sessions. Even parents can participate.

Our team is ready to stream your real-time message to your audience from anywhere in Australasia; in fact globally. Let us streamline your event, from start to end.

Using Employee Training Live-Streaming

We plan and execute your employee training sessions and any other events according to your specifications. When your live-streaming session is about to start, you can sit back and rest assured that you've been working with the best.

  • How about giving practical lessons such as music, self-defence or dancing? Many more learners will be able to join your live-streaming session, as there is not the space restriction of a classroom or a gym.
  • Integrating your video with other platforms such as eCommerce or social networking will enhance your profitability. Advertising, presentations, CEO announcements and annual general meetings can all be done effectively via live streaming.
  • We determine the best solutions for audience viewing and interaction and have the footage edited and hosted.

About Slipstream Media

We have extended experience in the industry since 2001, capturing, encoding and hosting live-stream recording for as long as you need it. We have several partner providers, and we use the world's largest content delivery network, Akamai.

Although live streaming has many challenges, you need to get back to the basics: perform exceptional quality productions, have a sufficient network and deliver to the intended audience. Our team works with your team to ensure professional execution.

Rely on Slipstream. We'll be there for you every step of the way, and with every spoken and written word. Get in touch with us before you start planning your next event and start stressing about what to do next.