Training & Education

Training & Education

The Online Classroom Revolution – real time, student & teacher interactivity, multi-media, sustainability

In no other area of our society are the possibilities greater for informing and communicating with a dedicated and specific audience than in education. Slipstream Media is at the forefront of providing customized interactive video solutions. The internet and video delivery platforms are revolutionizing the education space. Slipstream Media offers contemporary, flexible, cost effective tools for your training needs or educational institution in the following ways:

Education and Information Communications tool 
  • Lectures/seminars/conferences live and then on-demand automatically
  • Relevant rich media uploaded and categorised with teacher instruction and lectures
  • Provide an online portal for all rich media and research material
  • Training videos for training-rich courses – both live and then on-demand for ongoing reference
  • Conferences / conventions – key note, seminar etc


Organisational Internal Communications Tool
  • Internal intranet network communications, between staff, departments, and management – and with students both at home and on campus
  • Increase cost savings and staff productivity across organization
  • Significant transport savings for meetings, conferences 
  • Increase environmental savings; promote sustainability
  • Increased staff participation and input into strategy and decision-making
  • Multi-format content support - high-quality video and audio
  • Institution strategy and direction communications and engagement across Boards, staff, and management.
  • Integrate and coordinate fragmented Institution departments through flexible communications
  • Management / staff Meetings
  • Human resources


Marketing communications tool
  • Marketing and promotional material of the education institute accessible to the public
  • Institute announcements, events, and achievements
  • Global staff acquisition through institution promotional videos
  • Live interactive features including chat; Q&A; polls etc with audiences
  • Can attract  revenue streams through sponsors in-stream for vendors attached to the institution