Corporate & Enterprises

Corporate & Enterprises

  • Online video is not a fad; it is a reality that most enterprises must address. 
  • Both live and on-demand, video has rapidly become a crucial medium in the communication strategies of organisations.
  • Communications are the life-blood of an organisation, regardless of its scale or size, and is critical to it’s success
  • This includes internal and external stakeholders - clients, employees, management, shareholders, consumers


Some of the applications for online video in the enterprise:
  •          knowledge sharing
  •          management
  •          corporate communication
  •          training, learning and development


then there are the event based applications across the enterprise:
  •          Conferences
  •          AGM’s
  •          Shareholder’s meetings
  •          CEO announcements
  •          Presentations
  •          Financial Reports
  •          Product Launches
  •          Commercial Events
  •          Advertising


Working with Slipstream

Slipstream were among the early pioneers of streaming video in 2001, when we broadcast the world’s first live webcast of a professional tennis tournament. Today, we’re finding that the innovations in streaming video are proliferating almost as fast as its uses and applications.

When you work with Slipstream, you’re working with communications professionals. Slipstream takes pride in aligning our streaming technology with organisational strategies


Why use online video in the Enterprise now?

  • It is clear that NZ enterprise has lagged significantly over the past decade as enterprises globally have embraced online video as a communications tool. This is changing however and Slipstream can help with your transformation.
  • Enterprises are increasingly experimenting with video as they realize its power as a communications tool. 
  • Growing investment in network and bandwidth offers enterprises  added incentive to leverage video to grow revenue and customer loyalty. 
  • Online video is seeing a distinct dichotomy between the enterprise and media/entertainment (M&E) segments. The requirements, challenges, and growth opportunities for enterprise are unique.


Global Enterprise Video Statistics
  • 87% of executives believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organization, citing benefits ranging from enhancing the experience of telecommuters to saving money on travel costs and even attracting top talent. (Source) 
  • 62.4% of enterprise executives believe external video is important or most important for their external communications and 46.5% believe the same when it comes to internal communications. (Source) 
  • 44% of executives somewhat or strongly agree that video will be the de facto form of communication in their organization in the next 5 years. (Source) 
  • A typical employee watches seven hours of work-related video and generates 2.9 hours of video each month. (Source) 
B2B Video Marketing Statistics
  • 76% of B2B executives use video as part of their content strategy. (Source)
  • 92% of B2B marketers leverage video for demand generation. (Source) 
  • 60% of B2B executives say video is an effective marketing tactic. (Source) 


  • Slipstream is a leading provider of next-generation video management and delivery solutions specifically designed to provide value and reach to your content.
  • Create a more participatory, innovative and knowledge-rich organization
  • Our live video and interactive streaming solutions give your organisation a powerful technology to communicate with your many stakeholders.
  • We provide high-quality, realiable broadcasts without any download requirements or custom video players for the end user to deal with. We make it easy for you and your viewers.
  • Through our cost effective, streamlined services, we can deliver an outstanding ROI and quality result, every time. 


Do it right, do it well….

The point of a live stream broadcast is to create a virtual shared experience across (or even beyond) your organisation, to deliver a seamless message to a unified audience, and to articulate important messages in a way that engages viewers and brings ideas to life.

A live webcast is dynamic and impacting when done right, but too often loses its benefits and has adverse effect due to poor production quality or delivery. It is a lesson hard learned by many.

We will work with your enterprise to design and implement an all-in-one integrated video platform providing cross-organisation applications. Whoever your intended stakeholder audience is – clients, employees, shareholders, or consumers – communicate with power and engagement using online and interactive video applications.

When you add video integration with your other event platforms like social networking, registration, e-commerce or virtual environments, it means you will further enhance your digital and online investment.