Slipstream Media has the technology to create dedicated broadcasting channels that are packaged similarly to television channels. The difference is they are viewed via the internet instead of TV.

Slipstream Live Channel allows a collective audience to view the same content at the same time.

A Live Channel is a platform for video content that can be viewed as a simulcast around the world, with the added bonus of web-based engagement. This includes real time interactive features for viewers, such as live chat, Q&A, forums, and polls.

This is not like YouTube which is simply a list of video files that can be played down as and when the viewer nominates. Live Channel combines the linear channel function of the television broadcast medium with the interactivity of the internet, providing a unique experience for a collective audience.

Live Channel hosts works like a television channel whereby viewers across the globe watch playlisted content simultaneously. Integrated around the channel are realtime interactive features for viewers customized to the client’s audience needs.

How does it work?

Slipstream Media will collate your video content, reformat it if required, and upload onto our servers. Using our unique CMS interface we then create a 24/7 linear channel driven by a playlist. This can be broadcast from a website you nominate.

Our Live Channel provides the following:

  • The ability to self-manage the playlist, enabling you to change the content and order as often as you’d like;
  • A significant in-stream video advertising opportunity facilitating the placement of short ads every 6-12 minutes, providing up to 87,000 ads per year;
  • The ability for a ‘community’ to develop around the channel through real time live chat and forums as viewers connect with the content at the same time.;
  • Viewer interactivity and engagement, enabling viewers to vote for programming they wish to see affecting the playlist order, the most popular choices will take highest rank in the programming.
  • Naming sponsor opportunity;
  • Ability to syndicate content in channel form providing revenue – Slipstream Media has already negotiated a partner in the Joost network (

Again, this is a complete and more advanced platform than a Youtube “Channel” where the viewer simply views a bunch of videos in order form the beginning.

The Slipstream Live Channels allows a collective audience to view the same content at the same time.